• New Tibetan Bible

    New Tibetan Bible

    We are happy to make the full Bible available in modern Tibetan. Modern Tibetan means it is made into contemporary Tibetan, a language used in major media and communication. This text has been translated into literary Tibetan by a team of Tibetan translators who analyzed in detail many English and Chinese versions; The text has…

  • On this mountain

    On this mountain

    A sweet story for the children to bring them into the world of Tibetans, bringing them to the people who live on the roof of the world. The story is very well and beautifully illustrated and brings the people to life! In a life chasing for offering and the gods’ favors and missing the love…

  • A Radiant Light

    A Radiant Light

    This Central Tibetan (Lhasa dialect) New Testament is a beautiful printed Scripture in easy to read Tibetan. While its focus is the Lhasa dialect, it is useful to any Tibetan reader. This Scripture uses a landscape layout like Tibetan religious texts and includes a protective bag. It is printed in full colour on soft toned…

  • Famous Stories from Genesis (Tibetan and English)

    Famous Stories from Genesis (Tibetan and English)

    We are happy to announce we have begun printing and distributing a new version of the Genesis booklet. Order these excellent gifts now.

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