Dolpo NT

We are happy to present the New Testament in Dolpo language to you! An amazing feat of work and a committed team over the years. We hope to able to share at a later time how God was moving the people to commit to the work, most of them unlikely and only by God’s intervention […]

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New Tibetan Bible

We are happy to make the full Bible available in modern Tibetan. Modern Tibetan means it is made into contemporary Tibetan, a language used in major media and communication. This text has been translated into literary Tibetan by a team of Tibetan translators who analyzed in detail many English and Chinese versions; The text has

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A Radiant Light

This Central Tibetan (Lhasa dialect) New Testament is a beautiful printed Scripture in easy to read Tibetan. While its focus is the Lhasa dialect, it is useful to any Tibetan reader. This Scripture uses a landscape layout like Tibetan religious texts and includes a protective bag. It is printed in full colour on soft toned

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