Feelings Are Okay

We are very happy to offer this booklet to you for using with children in any age from 5 to 18 years old. We have seen how good it has worked with kids, building up their self awareness leading to opening of the heart. It is using a mix of questions of the person, specifics to make it easy to start to open questions leading to processing. The most important part is just this part to use different methods to help the child to open up and look at him/ herself to see what he/ she has gone through. It is targeting children who has gone through the Covid season of lock downs, limitations of seeing family and friends but also simple things like always having mask and worried about potentially getting sick.

Fun images and easy things to do together with the child. We encourage to use this booklet with your children and talk together as a family, but can also be used in Sunday school or in general school classes too. It is made in a way that no one should be threatened by the content but be of help to anyone using the booklet. But we encourage to broaden the perspective to bring in the links to friends and family to not be alone, and the child’s place in the creation as the beautiful butterfly created to fly with other butterflies.

The Facilitator guide is a great help to be inspired with activities and creative games to help sharing and getting into an atmosphere to share and listen. It is possible to get a start with a 2 hour program, but it is better and more fruitful to do several sessions to build trust, understanding and openness. These booklets are helping you with this, and the facilitator guide is taking it to a practical level of easy ways of sharing and having fun!

You find the Covid booklets for download or buying a printed copy at the Central Asia Publishing shop.

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